Querying the SQL Cubes

After creating and deploying the SQL Cube you can query the cube using the browse tab.

Note: For getting more information on how to create a SQL cube you can refer to my previous article entitled "Creating SQL Cube".

You can try deploying the cube to a localhost by the settings shown below. Right-click the project and select properties.


Then right-click the project and click Deploy; you can see the deployment process in a window as shown below and successful deployment will give the success message below.


After successful deployment double-click the cube created to open that in the designer. And go to the browse tab as shown below:


You can now drag the measures and facts from the left side pane to right side pane (drop the column fields and row fields in the appropriate place) and observe the results.

You can do a lot of things using the cube; for example you can create KPI, Hierarchy etc. and use all that in the SQL report. We will see all these in future articles.

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