Ideas of Innovative Thinking


Creativity + Innovation equals Success for the project / company and ideas are the primary keys of Innovative thinking.

1. Coding

All developers (I would say myself as well) will be a genius to clean up the application coding issues (exception, object handling and so on), bugs and other impurities. So here the ideas are presented that there is much more to coding than all these. Some of our developers are unaware of the business side of their work (developers always concentrate on release not in business, me too). First our developers should always be involved as ordinary business users (not programmers) and will get the idea that programmers are taught about the importance of business people during the application design and build process. Here the developer gets a clear idea of whom we are trying to market our application to.

Note: Developers should always be aware of Business users, in that case the process of development can be carried out more smoothly.

2. Demo Application before Release

If we are new to inventing applications for the client and it will never be easy to convince people for the first time (encountered a lot of experience). Promoting our innovation may look easier on the pages but undertaking the entire process is completely different for us. If you propose to trade our application then it will help to provide demos, trials and seminars to business users . Here users get to use our application with little risk and obligation. While most may not immediately use our application, but what's important at this stage is to gain exposure from being part of the discussion.

3. Feedbacks

Here we can realize the strength of Point 3. Get all the input / feedback from business users (after a demo release) and testers to share the same to development groups to fix the problems and new changes develop quickly. Keep in mind that the entire process of application development starts with an innovative idea that can later on be interconnected with our process to deliver what business the expects (here the business has been started) to the release of the application with standards.

Note: Collected feedback and inputs (from business) are the main priority to fix the issues first and work on other issues (raised by testers) iteratively and we should be thankful that we have received this honest feedback early on from business users and testers.

4. Perfect Version

So here we are incrementally touching our release with a perfect version. Everyone should understand this perfect release will not come easy to achieve the first time of our application development even though our application developers may be deeply committed in writing and testing the code. Apart from 100 thousands lines of codes, it is rare that all of you can easily spot every piece of bug hiding in there.

Note: We should not leave all these issues lingering for long and we need to fix them quickly (as soon as possible). So that we release a new and improved version.

5. Attention

Team members are doing this not only for team favor but also the customer as well. Every version provided to our client gets the point and we should pay attention (to all company policies) to their needs.

So NOOOO ideas here, but I wrote logic here to get IDEAS .. COOL.

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