Add A Condition In Microsoft Flow


This article will help you to understand what Microsoft Flow is and add a connection in Microsoft Flow.

What is Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow helps you to combine two or more services on the Cloud and make your work simple with the help of it. Microsoft gives you 35 and more connections free of cost; including services like SharePoint and OneDrive too with public software services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

What is condition in Flow?

Condition allows you to perform one or more tasks only if a particular condition is true.

For example: You will be getting  mail from Facebook only if it has been shared for ten times at least.


Microsoft Flow is under preview, so it is free of cost and any one can access it.

Make sense with the links, given below, to understand what Flow is and to sketch in the details.

Useful Links are given below-

Follow the steps, given below, to add a condition in Microsoft Flow-

Step 1

Open your trusty Web Browser and login here.

Sign in with your account, if you already have it and if you do not haveit , Sign up for a new account. It’s free of cost.

Sign in

Step 2 - Sign in with your login credentials here.

Sign in

Step 3 - Go to Settings panel and click My Flows.


Step 4 - Click Flow app, which you have already created under My Flows, as shown below-

flow app

Step 5 - Click Edit option now.


Step 6 - Now in the options available, select “…” followed by selecting “Delete”.

Step 7 - Click “+” button.


Step 8 - Here, you will be having two options. Add an action and add a condition.

  • Add an action - Add an action, which is used to perform multiple actions, which will help us to add or save a file in Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Add a condition - Add a condition is used to add a condition, which will work with Flow only if the condition is true.

Click Add a condition now.

Step 9 - Lets add a condition, if a particular tweet is retweeted for more than 10 times, then it will be sent to you via mail.

  • Object Name - Retweet count allows you to make sense of retweeting a particular tweet.
  • Relationship - Relationship is greater than or equal to allowing you to make sense of the value, which has been specified.
  • Value - Set value for 10, which will allow you to count the tweet of how many times it has been retweeted.

Select the data, which has to be inserted such as “Tweet text, Tweeted by, Retweet Count, Media URL’s, etc..”


Step 10 - Select the condition to send Email. This works out, if the tweet has been retweeted for 10 times then it will send an Email to your Office 365 account.


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