Adding A Connection In Microsoft Flow

Introduction: This article will help you to work with adding a connection in Microsoft Flow.

Note: Microsoft Flow is under preview. So, it is free of cost and any one could access it. Go through the the below links to understand what Flow is and to sketch in details,

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Connections in Microsoft Flow

Connections in Microsoft Flow allow us to easily access the data while building Flows. Flow helps us to map the data that we get in the app we have created towards various connections, like Google Excel sheets, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Office 365, Azure Blob, SQL, etc., More than thirty-five connections are winged towards Microsoft PowerApps. So, when we create a connection in Microsoft PowerApps, it shows up in Microsoft Flow too and the same of reverse.

Follow the below steps now to work with connections in Microsoft Flow:

Step 1: Open your trusted web browser and login in to, Sign in with your account if you already have it; if not, Sign up for a new account. It’s free of cost.

Sign in

Step 2: Sign in with your login credentials over here.

Sign in

Step 3: Go to the Settings panel and click on My Connections.

Settings - My Connections


Here, you can find all the connections that you have already added in your Flow portal. If you have not added any connections before, your My Connections list will be empty.

My Connections

Step 4: Click on Create Connection.

Create Connection

Here, you can find 35 and more connection services, like OneDrive, SharePoint, Facebook, Twitter, etc. which you can use it on your Flow that you build.

Now, lets select the OneDrive service connection.


Sign in with your Microsoft account credentials to access OneDrive.

Sign in

Here, you can find that the OneDrive has been added to your Flow.


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