Changing Application Theme In Windows 10 Universal App

Sometimes, we may need to change the application theme to a dark and light theme that users could change at runtime. We could easily change it programmatically. In Windows 10 by defaultthe Light theme is appliedand you can check it from App.xaml file,  it looks like the following image.


You can change it from xaml also, if you change the theme in App.xaml file it will affect the whole application theme.

But sometimes we need to give the user the ability to change the theme so in that case we need to handle it in the code and change the theme in runtime.

Change the theme of the current page write the following code,

  1. this.RequestedTheme = ElementTheme.Dark;  
It will change the current page default theme light to dark theme.

There is a problem while changing the whole app theme during runtime. If you try to change it during runtime, you’ll get an exception. To overcome this we may need some extra effects so the concern is changing the theme of every page at loading time.

Now we are going to see how to get the current theme of the app. Write the following code,
  1. string theme = App.Current.RequestedTheme.ToString();  
It will return the string “Light” or “Dark”,

Now see the difference of the app themeit looks like the following screen.


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