Microsoft's Windows AppStudio

Sara Silva

This EBook is the result of a challenge, to integrate Azure Mobile Service with Windows AppStudio Applications from the Windows AppStudio Team.

  • Published on Mar 02 2015
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Microsoft released Windows Phone AppStudio Beta in 2013, which is a service that allows any person without programming skills to create applications, for Windows Phone, in just 4 steps: have an idea, add content, choose the style and use the application. In April 2014, a new version of this service was released alongside the beta version of Windows AppStudio, which in addition to the Windows Phone applications, allows the creation of Windows 8.1 applications (based in Universal Applications).

Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • About the Contributors
  • About this eBook
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Windows AppStudio Overview
  • Chapter 2: Connecting to Azure Mobile Service
  • Chapter 3: Creating a BackOffice App
  • Chapter 4: Adding support for Push Notification
  • Chapter 5: Integrating with Cortana
  • Chapter 6: Publish the Menu App in the Store
  • Appendix 1: How to Create the Azure Mobile Service in Azure Portal
  • Appendix 2: How merge different source code generated by AppStudio
  • Appendix 3: Class Diagram: An Easy Way to Understand Code