Connections In Microsoft Flow


This article will help you to know about connections which are available in Microsoft Flow that helps us to connect for various services.

Note: Microsoft Flow is under preview. So, it is free of cost and any one can access it.

What is Microsoft Flow?

You would have experienced a great kick shot of Cloud on all platforms that you work today, such as booking a cab, transferring money, ordering food, ordering goods, sharing data, etc. Now, Microsoft helps us to monitor all our work flow with the help of a great cloud solution called “Microsoft Flow”.

Microsoft Flow helps you to combine two or more services on cloud and makes your work simple with the help of that. Microsoft gives you 35 and more connections at free of cost including services, like SharePoint and OneDrive too with public software services, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Visit the below links to understand what is flow and to sketch in details.

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Connections in Microsoft Flow

Connections in Microsoft Flow allow us to easily access the data while building Flows. Flow helps us to map the data that we get in the app that we have created towards various connections, like Google Excel sheets, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Office 365, Azure Blob, SQL, etc. More than thirty-five connections are winged towards Microsoft PowerApps. So, when we create a connection in Microsoft PowerApps, it shows up in Microsoft Flow too and the same of reverse.

Where do we use Connections in Microsoft Flow?

Connections are used in Microsoft Flow when we build some apps which will be joining hands with the connection services of the respective one that we have connected with.

Here are few examples of how connection helps us in Microsoft Flow:

  • Your Microsoft Flow can connect with the connection of Twitter to collect the tweets and that can be connected towards another connection namely Microsoft Excel at OneDrive for Business to store all the tweets in it.
  • Flow can connect to Office 365 connection which can receive the email and add it towards the to-do list of another service namely Wunderlist.

Connections available in Microsoft Flow

Given below is the list of connections which are supportive when we build a Flow,


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