Create A Mobile Service In Azure


This article will help you to understand what Azure Mobile Service is.  What can you do with Mobile Services and supporting platforms of Mobile Services in Azure etc.?

What are Mobile Services?

Mobile Services is a platform provided by Microsoft Windows Azure to support high strength mobile apps with the help of Azure. It helps you to manage your app data at the backend, join hands with the Notification Services, join with other Cloud Services etc.

Mobile Services in Azure helps you to code with the two languages for your backend business logics:

JavaScript (or) .NET

Here, we will be working on creating a Mobile service in Azure:

Developer Requirements

  1. Windows Azure account (Click here to get a temporary Azure account, free of cost).
  2. Visual Studio 2013 with Azure SDK (you can also use Visual Studio 2015 and we will be using Visual Studio 2015).

Follow the steps given below to create an Azure Mobile Service

Step 1:
Login to the Azure Management portal and select Mobile Services.

Mobile Services 

Step 2: Create a new Mobile Service by clicking “Create a New Mobile Service”.

Create a New Mobile Service

Enter the URL and create the SQL DB, specifying the region, backend languages, credentials etc.


Select a new Server now. Make sure if you are using an existing Server, the Server location and Mobile Service location should be  the same.

mobile service location

Now your Mobile Service will be created.

Mobile Service

Click the Mobile Service. You can find all the platforms that are supported by Mobile Service in Windows Azure.

Platforms supported here are Windows, Android, iOS, Xamarin, etc. Windows can work with Windows mobile platform and Windows PCs, Android Mobile Service  apps can work with Android mobile's OS. iOS can work with iOS (iPhones), Xamarin will help you to implement the mobile service apps with the cross platform.

Once the mobile service is created, you can download the app where you can work, enabling Push Notification and adding the data towards the database which has been created. Make sure you have Visual Studio 2013 with update 2 installed on your machine to work with it.

We will be working with Push Notification, enabling, and adding the data in the forthcoming articles.

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