Create SQL Database In Azure And Connect It With SSMS

Here, I am assuming that you have a connection with Azure portal with a subscription. So I will cover this blog into 2 parts:

  • Create a Database on Azure
  • Connect this database with SQL Server Management Studio.

Let’s start.

to the and provide the credential of your subscription.

Create Database

Step 1:
Click on New, type SQL database, Select SQL Database (New database).

Click on SQL Database (new database) and Create it.


Step 2: Enter the Information:


Database Name (You can write any name of your database but it must be unique).

Subscription (Select a Subscription which you are using to make database. Need to select only if you have multiple subscriptions).

Resource Group (you can make a new resource group or use existing if you make a server first).

Select Source (you can choose Blank, Backup or Sample Database).

Server (Can be new or existing).

Price tier (Choose your choice, but if you are getting started use default value S0, choose free if you are using DreamSpark subscription).

Collation (Only if Blank database is Chosen)

Step 3: After enter all information, click on Create. Now it will take a minute to Deploy.



When it Deploy and show on Dashboard, click on this to Configure Firewall settings of Server.

Step 4: Click on Server Name to open the server.


Go to settings and select Firewall. Click on this.


Click on Add Client IP and It will add IP address. Now click on Save.

After successfully updated server firewall rules, you are ready to connect your server with SSMS.

Connect Database with SSMS

Step 1: Open SQL Server Management Studio

As you open, it will prompt you to Connect with a server.

Enter the Server name.

Make Authentication SQL Server Authentication.

Add Information as shown below and click on Connect.


After connecting you will see this type of window which indicates that you are successfully connected with your Server created on Azure.


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