Creating A Flow From Scratch To Manage Specific Tweets


This article will help you to create a Flow with no templates and from scratch all by yourself.

By this demo, we will be creating a Flow, which will save the tweets, which have been tweeted by the user to an Excel sheet on the Cloud for the keyword, which you have mentioned in this Flow.


  • Make sure, that you have worked on my previous article of creating a Flow from template before getting on to this.
  • Click here to learn about what is Microsoft Flow, how it could help you and to create a Flow from the template.

Make sure, you have the following things, before you work on this demo.


  • An account in
  • A twitter account.
  • An Office 365 account.

Follow the steps, given below:

Step 1: Goto and click Sign in at the top right corner. If you don’t have an account, click on Sign Up free at the right corner.

Sign Up

Step 2: Sign in with your account over here, enter your login credentials.

Sign in

Step 3: Now, click My Flows.

 My Flows

Step 4: Here, you can find the Flows, which are already created by you. If you have not created any Flow, it will be empty. Click Create from blank to create a new one from scratch.

 My Flows

Step 5: Give a Flow name here. I will be giving here “Twitter Flow to track myself on Tweets” and in the search box, given below, search for Twitter.

Flow name

Flow name

Step 6: Click Sign in now and sign in with your Twitter credentials, followed by this.

Sign in

Sign in

Step 7: Enter the text or the keyword, which has to be searched and stored on Cloud. Click New Step, followed by it.


Click Add an Action.

Add an Action

Note: Make sure, you have created an online Excel sheet at Onedrive and added a table in it, before working on this step.

Step 8: Search for Excel and click Excel – Insert row.

Insert row

Click the arrow at File Name box - Root - select your Excel file. (in my case, its Social Media.xlsx).


Click the respective Excel sheet.

 excel sheet

In the Table name field, search for the Table name, which you created in the online Excel sheet. (In my case, it's Table1).

Table name

Step 9: Enter the details, which you want to search for, in the Coloumn1 field. You have the various things like Tweet text, Description, Location etc. 


Step 10: Click Create Flow once, after every detail is entered.

Create Flow

Now, your Flow for monitoring the tweets on Twitter has been created by yourself without any templates. This will store all tweets with the keyword, which you have given with the details that you have asked for, in online excel sheet. You can also monitor this with the help of Flow app from your mobile.

Flow app

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