Creating Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL database is basically a database as a Service, using Microsoft SQL Server Engine.

It is a relational database provided by an Azure as a database as a Service. The database is the main factor of every Application to store large chunk of data; whether it is On Premise or Off Premise.

Azure SQL database has high performance in addition to being reliable and the most secure database. You can use the data driven application of your choice and programming language without setting up the infrastructure at all. You don’t require infrastructure.

SQL database has a DTU (database transaction unit) as a performance measure. You can easily scale without any downtime.

You can merge either with existing data or a fresh database. It’s your choice completely.

You can also use the sample data database or create your own by creating Blank Database as a source. You can scale your database any time.

You can use the database directly inside into Visual Studio.

Elastic Pool

Azure SQL provides massive scaling with Elastic Pool. Elastic Pool is a simple and cost effective solution for managing the performance of the multiple databases within a fixed budget. Elastic Pool provides compute and storage resources, which are shared between all the databases that it contains. Within the pool of individual databases, it gives the flexibility to auto scale within the same parameters. Under heavy load, the database might concern more DTU in demand and there should be a projected budget for the Pool.

Elastic Pool is usually used for a software as a Service app developer, who is running more tangent app Servicing many customers SQL database and Elastic pool refers to Azure SAAS platform.

SQL database monitors and manages your more tighten apps and still gains an isolation.


Azure SQL database helps you to protect the data and secure your app data. Azure SQL database provides built-in protection Service and provides high security features.

It helps you to connect with multitenant apps. It helps you to provide, manage and monitor multitenant apps and gain benefits from the customer.

The performance is also high and there is no downtime in Azure SQL database.

Let see how to create Azure SQL database,

  1. Sign in to your Azure portal.
  2. Click plus sign in the top left corner.
  3. Click Databases > SQL database.
  4. Fill the required details and click Create.


    This is how your Azure SQL database gets ready.
  1. Now, you can connect from your Local management software by using Server name credentials, admin username and a password.

  1. Also, you need to add your client IP in Firewall settings in Azure to access Azure SQL database locally and save the changes.



  2. Now, you can connect it locally. Enjoy.


Hope, you like it. Enjoy.

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