Creation Of Timer Job Using SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow

In SharePoint 2010 we need to use Server-Side Object (SSOM) / Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) as Console Application to create a Timer job. SSOM solutions are to be deployed as Farm solutions, if it is CSOM, then it has to be deployed by creating Windows Task Schedule. For both the cases, we need to deploy directly in SharePoint Server.

SharePoint 2010 Designer Workflow does not have an option to set the frequency to trigger the Workflow.

Now, by using the SharePoint 2013 Designer Workflow, we can create Timer Job (actually it is workflow), using some tricks. Also, we can deploy it from SharePoint Designer 2013 tool itself.

Step 1

In this example, I have selected the List Workflow.

Select the list already created. I have selected the expenses list.

Create a Workflow, as shown below.

Step 2

Start inserting the actions and conditions, as shown below.


Now, create dictionary with the parameters, given below.

We add a Dictionary variable (Build a Dictionary action), call it requestHeaders and initialize it, as given below.

Both “Accept” and “Content-Type” entries are of the string type and they both contain the value “application/json;odata=verbose”. SharePoint REST API understands this and sets the response content type appropriately as JSON.

Now, add a Call HTTP Web Service action and set its properties. The Web Service URL will be the URL variable. This is where we stored the REST link to retrieve all the list items.

The Response content will go to a new variable called responseJSON.

Response headers will go to a new variable called responseHeaders.

Once, you have completed the Workflow “save” it and “check for errors” before publishing the Workflow to SharePoint site.

Use buttons, which are found in the top ribbon of SharePoint Designer 2013, as shown below.

Final Output

An Email should be triggered every day, which contains the link for SharePoint page, having list of items to be approved.

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