Customize Your Site Collection With New Pages And Content At SharePoint

Introduction: This article will help you to add pages and site content to your site collection on SharePoint.


Make sure that you have created a Site Collection on SharePoint before working on this demo. Surf for the links, given below, before going through this document, if you don’t have Site Collection or if you are new to SharePoint.



  • Office 365 subscription with SharePoint enabled.

Follow the below steps now,

Step 1:
Open the Site Collection on your SharePoint and here is the home page of your site collection home page, which you have created.


Step 2: Now, click Settings at the right corner and go to Edit Page for removing the unwanted icons available here like Build an app, Publish to Office Store, learn to use the developer site, apps in testing, etc.


Step 3: Here comes the home page of edit page.


Remove the Get Started by clicking on the right corner down button and clicking on delete.


Click OK.


Now the Get Started has been removed.


Step 4: Let's follow the same Step three to remove apps in testing. Click the corner down arrow button and choose delete.


Click OK.


Step 5: Now, add your content. I will add a welcome text on the home screen here as “Welcome to the Events portal. This portal will help my teammates to collaborate”.


Click Save now at the top.


Here comes your home page now for Site Collection as Events with title and a welcome text.


Step 6: Let's remove all the unwanted links at the left corner of the page such as Notebook, Documents, apps in testing, Samples, Developer Center, Site Contents etc. 

Click Edit Links at the left pane.

Edit Links

Now, remove all the unwanted links and click Save.


Step 7: Here, let's add a new page, which comes under the site collection.

Click Add a page under settings from the right pane.

Add a page

Name your page. Here, it's “Microsoft Faculty Connect”.

Add a page

Add some content for the page and click save.


Step 8: Now, add the link by copying it from the URL pane of your Web Browser and click OK.


Now, your pages are added with the link at the left pane.

left pane

Now, click on the Home page, where you can get the home screen of your Site Collection as Events with other links at the left corner pane.


Thus, in this demo, we have created a site collection with the customized option of Events Home page and Microsoft Faculty Connect as other links under your Site Collection.

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