Display Tool Tip In Windows 10 Universal App Using WinJS

This article will teach you how to  show the tool tip for HTML control; usually, when the user hovers, the control tool tip appears for a few seconds and disappears when the cursor is moved away from the control.

WinJS is an open-source JavaScript library to build HTML, CSS, and JavaScript applications for your websites and for the Universal Windows App.

Let’s see the steps

Here's an article on how to create new Windows 10 universal Java Script project

Now your solution looks like the following image,


You can see all the required default files. Windows 10 offers you the option to build apps using WinJs also,

  • CSS: This folder contains the default styles. You can write your own style in this file.

  • Images: This folder contains images, icons,logo, etc. You can add your image or any files required.

  • JS: This folder contains script files. You can add your required script files in this folder.

  • WinJS: This folder contains all WinJS script and CSS files.

  • Default.html: This file is the default file to design the UI and also your logic.

  • Package.appxmanifest: This file contain the application properties like App capabilities, App logo, etc. Double click this file and see the GUI like the following image, there you can set the app related properties.

Next open default.html file and write the below code inside the body tag.

  1. <button id="btnTooltip"data-win-control="WinJS.UI.Tooltip"data-win-options="{  
  2. innerHTML : ' Welcome to C# Corner and https://windowsapptutorials.wordpress.com/' }">  
  3. Tool Tip Button  
  4. </button> 
Full source code looks like the following image,


Now run the application and see the output looks like the following image,


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