Embed Power BI Reports In Modern UI Page Using Power BI Web Part

Steps to follow to embed Power BI reports in modern Site page

Step 1

  • Open your SharePoint site.
  • Go to Site contents page and click Gear menu.
  • Select Site page and create New site page.

Step 2

On the page, click + (Add) button, followed by selecting Embed Web part.

Once Power BI Web part is added, click Add Report button.

Configure the properties given below in the Web part settings page.

  • Power BI report link
  • Page Name

Sets the default page that is shown by the web part. Select a value from the drop down. If no pages are displayed, either your report has one page, or the URL you pasted contains a page name. Remove the report section from the URL to select a specific page.

  • Display - Option to adjust how the report is fit within the SharePoint Online page.
  • Show Navigation Panel - Shows and hides page navigation panel.
  • Show Filter Panel - Shows and hides the filter panel.

Embed in SharePoint Online is only available with Power BI Pro. Each user that views the report mush have a Power BI Pro license. If they do not have a Pro license, they will be prompted to sign-up to view the report.

Get a URL to your report

  1. View the report within Power BI Service.
  2. Select File menu item.
  3. Select Embed in SharePoint Online (Preview).

  4. Copy the URL from the dialog.


You can also use the URL, which is is displayed in your Web Browser's address bar when viewing a report. The URL will contain the report page, which you are currently viewing. You will need to remove the report section from the URL, if you want to use a different page. 

Save and publish the page and you can see your Power BI reports with left side filter option and drilldown fields.


Key Notes
  • Create new modern site page.
  • To show Power BI reports into the modern site page, using Power BI Web part.