Event Hubs In App Service Using Azure

Event Hubs

Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion from websites, apps, and devices give the following services such as: logging millions of events per second in near real time, getting a managed service with elastic scale, connecting devices using flexible authorization and throttling, reaching a broad set of platforms using native client libraries, using time-based event buffering and pluggable adapters for other cloud services.

Stream millions of events per second

Azure event Hub is a highly scalable distributed publish and subscribe service that can process millions of events per second and stream them into multiple applications. It processes and analyzes the huge amount of data that is produced by applications. Once the event Hub collects the data it transforms and stores them for any real time processing and for batch processing.


Process events with variable load profiles

Big data originated from many sources with images, audio, video and data files etc. Event hub is a managed services that ingests events with elastic scale to accommodate these variable load profiles.


Connect millions of devices across platforms

Due to the rapid flow of connected devices and the variety of platforms and protocols involved, ingesting data from devices is challenging. Event Hubs meets the challenge of connecting individual data sources while handling the scale of the aggregate stream. It lets you easily process events from millions of devices while preserving event order on a per-device basis.


To complete this article, you need to have an Azure account. If you're new to Azure, I recommend reading Introduction to Microsoft Azure.

Step 1- Sign in to Azure Classic Portal Microsoft Azure Portal.

Step 2- Click on App Services, then Service Bus, then Event Hub, then Quick Create.


Step 3- Type a name for your Event Hub, select your desired region, and then click Create a new Event Hub.


Step 4- After you click Create, you'll get your new Event Hub configured on the dashboard.

That was all about working with Event Hub on Azure portal. Stay tuned to C-sharp Corner for more articles related to Azure. 

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