Handling Permissions In Linux VM While Migrating WordPress Site


If you’ve started using WordPress pre-configured Bitnami VM Image, then you’ll face Linux permission issues, while migrating your WordPress site to other hosts. This article is specifically for permissions; if you’re looking for site migration tutorial I’m linking to a very good article for WordPress site migration.

When you’ll run WordPress site migration plugins like “All-in-One WP Migration”, “Duplicator” and many others, you’ll face permission issues and will fail to migrate your site. If you have no idea what I am talking about, the pictures mentioned below will give you a better idea.

I installed “Duplicator” plugin to create a backup of my site, but it gave me an error. Is it a plugin issue, you asked? No! Not at all. Your OS should give read/write permission to PHP (WordPress plugins are written in PHP) for the specific user, where your WordPress instance is installed. You can read more about Linux Permissions.

If you try to convince yourself that it’s a plugin issue, let me save some time for you, let me show you what error you’ll get in different plugin.


I got this error when I tried to make a backup of my site, using “All-in-One WP Migration” plugin. Hence, let me assign the permissions.

Handling Permissions 
Connect your VM, using Git Bash and write the command, mentioned below.
chomd 775 WP_Instance_Path

775 gave the read and execute access to anyone and write access to the owner of the directory. On the other hand, 777 gives read, execute and write access to anyone. 

After executing this command, I was successfully able to create a backup, using “Duplicator”. 


In “All-in-One WP Migration”, I need to make a “../storage” directory manually because the plugin tries to make a directory and store backup, but it fails to make a directory.

Another way of doing this is by giving 777 permission to directory, but it isn’t safe. Now, I was successfully able to export my WordPress site, using “All-in-One WP Migration” too.

See, there are no errors at all. Now, simply import your site to a new host.
WordPress site migration sometimes can be very frustrating, but feel free to contact me, if you face any issues. 

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