Highest Paying IT Jobs In 2016

Do you wonder who gets paid the most in the IT field? The following table lists the top 10 highest-paid IT jobs for 2014 and 2015 in the USA from different sources.

C# Corner Glassdoor Payscale
Software Development Manager $132,000 $132,000 $116,657
Software Architect $160,000 $128,250 $116,131
IT Manager $118,000 $120,000 $80.810
Solutions Architect $132,000 $120,000 $113,751
Application Development Manager $124,000 $120,000 $107,010
Systems Architect $134,000 $116,920 $106,430
Data Scientist $125,000 $115,000 $93,146
Data Architect $120,000 $113,000 $90,000
Product Manager $120,000 $107,000  
Analytics Manager $110,000 $106,000 $91,475

These salaries may not be current for 2016 but I don’t see much change happening in the above list.

Note: The salaries listed in the following table are the median salaries for the USA only. All figures are in US dollars. C# Corner data is captured based on personal experience in the Philadelphia and New York City areas.

Salary Variables

Salaries of programmers vary based on location, company, skillset, and need. The need is actually one of the most important factors. If a company needs a C# programmer and they can’t find a suitable programmer, they will pay a premium for that. If a developer is also a product manager, even if he or she still writes Ruby code, he or she may get three-times the salary of an average programmer writing code using the same language. A Java developer in New York will get paid twice the amount as a person doing the same role somewhere in a small town in Pennsylvania.

IT Roles and Salaries

The above salaries table lists the top 10 salaries by role. The following table lists more IT jobs and their salaries.

C# Corner Glassdoor Payscale
Information Systems Manager $90,000 $106,000 $78,334
Technical Project Manager $100,000 $99,706 $86,330
Technical Lead $90,000 $84,234  
Data Manager $76,000 $105,003 $54,151
Lead Developer $98,000   $99,793
Senior Developer $95,000 $90,986 $94,083
Senior DBA $100,000 $125,703 $100,442
Database Administrator $70,000 $68,480 $69,732
Network Administrator $65,000 $63,584 $55,504
Security Engineer $90,000 $93,653 $88,777
Computer Scientist $100,000 $109,010 $85,917
Software Engineer $80,000 $95,195 $73,031
Software Developer $80,000 $85,000 $68,082
Security Analyst $76,000 $82,467 $66,787
Application Developer $80,000 $84,000 $65,670
Mobile Developer $80,000 $96,061 $71,985
Web Developer $65,000 $66,238 $55,964
iOS Developer $85,000 $85,000 $78,861
Android Mobile Developer $85,000 $84,562  

As you can see from the above table, the salaries in the United States from the two resources, Glassdoor and Payscale, aren’t even close. Most of it depends on supply and demand, location, company, project, and several other factors.

Also check out the Average IT Professionals Salaries Around The World, and you will notice from the comments that there is a big discrepancy.

Salaries In India

India is the #1 member base of C# Corner followed by the USA. It would not be fair not to have the salaries for the Indian market. According to Payscale, here is a list of median salaries in India. Salaries are in Indian rupees.

Tile/Role Salary (INR)
Software Development Manager 1,888,882
Software Architect 1,575,529
IT Manager 979,561
Solutions Architect 1,523,617
Application Development Manager 1,660,750
Systems Architect 1,268,215
Data Scientist 607,192
Data Architect 1,390,463
Analytics Manager 1,366,332
Technical Project Manager 1,234,984
Lead Software Engineer 942,349
Data Manager 302,523
Senior Application Developer 701,312
Senior Database Developer 909,535
Database Administrator 407,491
Network Administrator 295,349
Security Engineer 429,951
Computer Scientist 1,583,798
Software Engineer 395,178
Software Developer 349,890
Application Developer 472,771
Mobile Application Developer 319,238
Web Developer 240,380
iOS Developer 350,377
Android Software Developer 249,162
Java Developer 359,035
.NET Software Developer 292,776
SQL Developer 365,061

If you do not agree with the above median pay scales, let us know by posting a comment below.


Salaries of IT professionals depend on several factors including location, company, skillset, and others. In this article, we saw salaries in the USA and India from various sources.

I hope you found this article useful. If you agree or disagree with the salaries listed here, let us hear  about it.


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