How To Access Ubuntu Server In Azure From Windows Machine Using Remote Desktop


Here, we are going to explore how to create an Ubuntu Server in Azure and how we can access it from our Windows machine, using a remote desktop.

How to create Ubuntu Server in Azure

In my previous article, we learned the steps to create an Ubuntu Server or you can go through it once again by clicking on the link given below:

How to access from Windows

Once we create an Ubuntu Server, we have to create the inbound security rule, for which we need to: 

Click the Network security group. 

Network security group

Subsequently, click the Inbound security rules.

Inbound security rules

Click the Add button.

 Add button

In this screen, we need to provide three inputs like Name, Priority and Destination Port range.

The destination port range is 3389.

 destination port range

Please connect the Ubuntu Server, using Putty.

Ubuntu server

Click Yes button.

Yes button

Provide your user name and password.

 user name and password

Now, we need to execute some commands (we need to install the xRDP).

“sudo apt-get update”


For installing XRDP, execute the commands, given below:

“sudo apt-get install xrdp”


Type “y” and press Enter button.


Install XFCE4, using the command, given below:

“sudo apt-get install xfce4”


Now, you can test it from your Windows machine,

Open the remote desktop and type your Ubuntu Server IP.

 remote desktop

Please provide your user name and password.

user name and password

Now, you can access your Ubuntu Server.

Ubuntu server


In this session, we explored how to access an Ubuntu Server from Windows, using a remote desktop.

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