How To Add An Endpoint To Your Virtual Machine Hosted In Azure In New Azure Portal


Once the virtual machines are created in Azure, if you want to access the Web Application installed in the machine, you need to login physically to view the applications every time.

In order to access the Application outside of the virtual box, we need to add the endpoint(HTTP) for the machine.

Step 1

Login to your Azure subscription and create a virtual machine.

Step 2

Click on the virtual machine in the Grid view. Now, you will be in the Virtual machine properties blade Window. Select the option “Network Interfaces”. Under the essentials section, find the public IP address parameter and click on IP address.


Step 3

You will be redirected to IP configuration blade of the virtual machine. In this Window, click Configurations option under settings section.


Step 4

In the opened view ,add desired DNS name in DNS name label(Optional). The important information to be noted here is the entered name should be available, else an error message will be thrown, as shown in the screenshot given below. Once the proper name is provided, save the current settings.


Steps 5

After the successful creation of DNS name, navigate to the main virtual machine grid view and click on the virtual machine. In properties Window, select Network Interfaces option under settings section. In the new blade, click on the Network security group and click Security group in the next Window.


Step 6

In the new blade, click Network security group option and select the corresponding Security group in the Grid View.


Step 7

In the new blade, select the option Inbound security rules and click add button in the blade.


Step 8

Provide the desired name and click save button. After saving it successfully, the endpoint can be viewed in the rules Grid View.


Step 9

Navigate to the virtual machines Grid View and click on the resource group with which the virtual machine is associated with.


Step 10

In the resource group property Window, select the “virtual machine ip” in the Grid View section. You can find DNS name of the virtual machine in the properties Window.


Step 11

You can copy the DNS URL and access it out of the box anywhere.

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