How To Become A Microsoft MVP

So you want to become a Microsoft MVP. What does it take to become a Microsoft MVP.

In the technical community, MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional. The Microsoft MVP award is a recognition of you being a community leader and influencer who spends his/her personal time to make impact on community.

MVP Award looks for the following activities -

  • Contributing code to projects
  • In-Person speaking at user groups and conferences
  • Helping others on technical forums
  • Creating content on communities in form of blogs, articles, tutorials, and e-books
  • Providing feedback about Microsoft products and services 

“I’m looking for Impact and Passion”

- Lisa Anderson, Microsoft Community Program Manager

Microsoft looks for how big impact you make in a community and how many people you reach via your articles, blogs, and speaking for example, number of views on your articles and blogs, number of attendees at a user group, and number of copies sold and download of an e-book.

Watch this video from Microsoft’s Lisa Anderson on Channel 9 on how to become a Microsoft MVP.

Here is a good article written by Joseph Guadagno:How So You Want To Be A Microsoft MVP.

Here are some more resources on the same topic.

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