How To Change The App Icon In Android App Using Visual Studio 2015 Update 3


Xamarin is a cross-platform used to develop many platform apps. (Ex. Windows phone, Android, iOS) in Xamarin platform is the code sharing concept used. In Xamarin, the studio is available in Visual Studio also.


  • Visual Studio 2015 Update 3

The following steps need to be followed. We can learn how to change the app icon in Android app, using Visual Studio 2015 Update 3.

Step 1 - Go to visual studio

Click File--> Select New--> select Project. The project clicks after opening all the types of projects in Visual Studio.

Click (Ctrl+Shift+N). 


Step 2 - After opening New Project--> select Installed--> select Templates--> select Visual C#--> select Android--> choose Blank app (Android).

Next, give your Android app name (Ex:sample) and give the path of your project. click OK.

New Project

Step 3 - Go to Solution Explorer. Solution Explorer is available for the all files, accets and all the platform files.

Select the appname--> click Resources--> Open the drawable folder. This folder has the default Android icon. Name is icon type, which is a PNG file.  You can change your app icon here.

solution explorer

Step 4 - Next run your app.

Go to click the run menu, if you create an Android virtual device, click to run. If you don't have your Android phone connected, change the developer option and run your Android app. Now, you can click your connected Android device or virtual device.

run your app


It takes some time to run your app.

If you run your app in your Android device, virtual device shows the app icon (Android logo is default icon in Android apps).

Thus, your app is now running with Android default icon.


Step 5 - Now, you can change the default icon, instead of your icon.

Go to the path of your app source (Ex:D:\Projects\Changeico\Changeico\Resources\drawable). In this path, we have the default icon. You can replace your icon here. The default icon is of same name, same size and format can also be changed.

 default icon

Step 6 - Now, your app icon is replaced, instead of default icon. Now, your Android icon is this icon. You can go to run and check the icon, if it is changed or not.

 app icon

Step 7 - Now, you again run your Andriod app in your Android device or virtual device. If you will change the icon, run your icon. If you make any mistake, your app can't run (Ex:name, format).

 virtual device


It takes some time to run.

Now, show your Android app output in your Android phone or virtual device. 


Inner view

Inner view


In this article, we learned, how to change the app icon in Android app, using Visual studio 2015 Update 3. 

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