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  • Xamarin.Forms Tip - The Easiest Way To Convert A PCL Project Into .NET Standard Project

    Microsoft updated the Xamarin.Forms project templates in VS 2017 to use .Net Standard instead of PCL for writing the shared code (including the Xamarin.Forms UI more details here) as NET Standard i...
  • Custom Cells In TableView In Xamarin.iOS Application

    In this article, we will use TableView using custom cells in Xamarin. We have an application with the table view having a list of employees with the required details.
  • Xamarin.Forms - Pages

    In the previous chapter, I explained how you can prepare your environment for Android or iOS application development, in this chapter I will start presenting the structure of our page in Xamarin.Fo...
  • Swipe Table Cell To Perform RowAction In TableView In Xamarin.iOS

    In this article we will learn how to create an IOS application using Xamarin. We will learn how to add and work with table view and its row swipe action. We will have a table of content and we will...
  • Checking Battery Status Using Xamarin.Forms

    This article is about checking battery status in Xamarin.Forms.
  • Sharing Data To Third-Party Services

    The ActivityViewController is a controller that allows the current application user to share the data in the form of text, images etc easily between the current application and services. There are ...
  • HTML Parser In Xamarin.Android Using jsoup

    In this article, we will learn how to parse an HTML page using jsoup in Xamarin.Android.
  • XAML Progress Bar In Xamarin.Forms

    Long running tasks in any application make the application or software non-responsive. So keep the user updated about the running task and also keep the application responsive during long running t...
  • Activity Indicator In Xamarin.iOS

    In this article, we are going to create a simple xamarin.Ios application that will have the activity indicating some background task is going on. We will use activity indicator that will animate on...
  • Toolbar In Xamarin.iOS Application View

    In this article, we are going to create Xamarin application that contains toolbar item with respective tools and functionality. Tools like add, edit, refresh, search in form of icon or text can be...
  • MVVM Databinding In Xamarin.Forms Using Fresh MVVM

    In this tutorial, we will learn how to perform MVVM approach in Xamarin.Forms using Fresh MVVM.
  • Segmented Control In Xamarin.iOS

    In this article, we are going to create a Xamarin iOS application that contains UI Segmented control that let the user select the value between the certain range of values. We will create a simple ...
  • Drawing Pad or Signature Pad For Android Using Xamarin.Forms

    This article will explain how to create a drawing pad or signature pad for Android OS using Xamarin Forms.
  • Building A Tabbed Application In Xamarin iOS Application

    A tabbed application is a kind of app which has a bunch of buttons at the bottom of your iPhone. When you tap any button, it changes to a different page. We will learn how we can develop this funct...
  • Xamarin.Forms - FFImageLoading App

    In this article, let us learn how to add and display gif, svg, jpg images with transformation in Xamarin.Forms application.
  • How To Create And Use A Blurred Image In Xamarin.Forms

    This article demonstrates how to create and use a blurred image in Xamarin.Forms, XAML, and C#. This article starts with the introduction of the Blurred Image tag in XAML.
  • Xamarin.Android - Circle ProgressBar In Android

    In this article, you will create Android App on circle progressbar
  • How To Bring Internet Connectivity To Xamarin.Forms Application

    How To Bring Internet Connectivity To Xamarin.Forms Application
  • Xamarin.Forms Tools - XAML Previewers

    Initially, when Xamarin.Forms were released, the biggest challenge in developing the mobile application was to develop its UI as there were no drag and drop designers available for it like storyboa...
  • Setting Up Xamarin Development Environment In Windows And iOS

    This course aims to introduce Xamarin multi-platform development framework in my way of learning.
  • Pin Coordinates To External Maps In Xamarin.Forms

    In this tutorial, we will learn how to pin Latitude and Longitude Coordinates in External maps in Xamarin.Forms. The Coordinates are pinned with Google Maps in Android and Apple Maps in iOS.
  • Xamarin.Forms Custom Switch Control

    This article demonstrates how to create and use a Custom Switch control in Xamarin.Forms, XAML, and C#.
  • Retrieving Weather Info In Xamarin.Forms Application For Android And UWP

    Reading this article, you can learn about retrieving weather details using API key from openweathermap.org in Xamarin Forms application for Android and Universal Windows Platform.
  • Login And Registration Functionality In Xamarin.Android

    For this article, the purpose of the code is to create a Login & Registration Functionality in Xamarin.Android.
  • How To Dynamic List View In Xamarin.Forms

    This article is about Dynamic List View Image Resizing in Xamarin.Forms.
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