How To Connect Firebase In Android Applications


Firebase is used to develop high-quality apps. It supports “Android”, “iOS”, “Web”, and “Unity”.

Firebase is an emerging technology in mobile application development. It is a more secure cloud based platform, and provides a lot of services for building mobile applications very efficiently and quickly. 

Firebase services

  • Cloud Messaging
  • Authentication
  • Realtime Database
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Functions
  • Hosting
  • Test Lab
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Crash Reporting


  • Android Studio  (Download Android Studio here)
  • Little bit of XML and JAVA Knowledge
  • Android Emulator (or) Android mobile
  • Stable internet connection during execution

The following steps should be followed

Carefully follow the below steps to connect Firebase to Android applications using Android Studio.

Step 1

Go to the Firebase site and create Firebase account using your Gmail id. Log into your account once created.

Link :


Step 2

This is the Firebase Console of my account.


Step 3

Log into Firebase Gmail account from your Android Studio because this account synchronizes the data between Firebase and your application.


Step 4

Open your project and click Tools  Firebase.


Step 5

Now, open your Firebase Assistant and select Realtime Database.


Step 7

Click "Connect to Firebase", as shown below. It will connect the app to the Firebase account automatically.


Step 8

It shows your app name already. Just choose your country and region, followed by clicking on "Connect to Firebase".



Now, your app is connected to Firebase.


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