How To Create An Automatism In Microsoft Flow

In this example, we’ll build a flow to pass a Tweet text in an Excel file. First of all, we need a cloud service where we are going to create a file in Excel (in this case, OneDrive), a Microsoft account, and a Twitter account.

Now, go build your first flow.

  1. Connect with the URL.


  2. Login to Service.


  3. Now, we are at our own Home Page.

    Home Page

  4. Click on My flows.


  5. Now, we are ready to create our first flow. Click on “Create from blank”.

    Create from blank

  6. Now, search for “Twitter – When a new tweet is posted” into the list.


  7. Write the parameter (the key to filter the tweets).


  8. Now, we’ll choose the second step of the logic.

    second step

  9. Choose the target service “Excel – Insert row”.

    Excel – Insert row

  10. Now, we have to configure the last step of the logic.


  11. Choose the target Excel file positioned in One Drive.

    Excel file

  12. Select the table into the file.


  13. Specify the content to insert into the column of the Excel table.


  14. Now, we’ll confirm the flow creation with an “ad-hoc” name.


  15. Now, we can see the new flow in the list.


  16. To control the state of the flow activity we have created, click on the “i”.

    flow activity

    flow activity

    flow activity

    flow activity
It’s important that the target Excel file is in a cloud service and that the table into the file is correctly created.

target Excel file

target Excel file

If we have worked correctly, we’ll see an output like the following.


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