How to Create Application Domain Using Framework 2.0

This article will describe the members used to create appdomain in runtime.

using System;

namespace AppdomainCreation_Console
      class Program
            static void Main(string[] args)

                    //Instantiate AppDomainSetup object
                    AppDomainSetup appDomainSetup = new AppDomainSetup();
                    //Configure AppDomainSetup Setup Information
//Directory where CLR will look during probing to resolve private assemblies.
//By default this is the directory containing the assembly.
                    appDomainSetup.ApplicationBase = @"c:\Test";

                    //Configuration name file used by code loaded into assembly.
                    //By default it is stored in the same folder as the assembly.
//If we set applicationBase the n it should be in same folder.
                    appDomainSetup.ConfigurationFile = "AD.Config";

                    //Semicolon-seprated list of directories that the runtime uses when probing for
                    //private assemblies. these directories are relative to the directory specified
                    //in ApplicationBase.
                    appDomainSetup.PrivateBinPath = "bin;plugins;external";

                    //Remember to save a Reference to the new AppDomain as this Cannot be retrived any other way
                    AppDomain appDomain = AppDomain.CreateDomain("My First Domain", null, appDomainSetup);
                    Console.WriteLine("AppDomain Created, Press ENTER");

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