How To Perform A System Restore In Windows 10

In Windows 10,  the System Restore feature is used for system protection. When your system is not working properly, you can apply a system restore to take your system back to a state when the system restore point was created.
Now, for restoring your system to a previous state, you can follow these steps.
Step 1 - First, right click on the Start icon and select the "Control Panel".


Step 2 - Now, click on the "Recovery" option.

Step 3 - In the recovery panel, "Advanced recovery tools" window is opened. Select "Open System Restore".

Step 4 - When you click on the "Open System Restore", a new window, "Restore system files and settings" opens up. There, click on "Next".

Step 5 - In this step, restore your computer to the state it was in, earlier. You can see the selected event, date, and time to restore the system. Then, click "Next" button.


Step 6 - In the next step, confirm that your want your system to restore to a previous point. Click on the "Finish" button and restart your system to apply these changes.

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