How To Increase Pagination Length In SharePoint List Online

In order to change the look of the Office 365 site, log into the office 365 account first with your credentials.

Steps to login

First of all sign into the URL, as shown below.

 Enter your credentials to log into the Office365 Project site. After successfully logging in, you will see the below screen as a landing page.

 Now, click on Menu as shown below.

 Upon clicking on menu, a list of items will be displayed.

Select "Project".

When you click on Project, you can see Project Online landing page which is PWA (Project Web App) site, as shown below.


Click on any project from the list and open project site for that particular project.

Project Detail Page:

Click on "Project Site" which is available in the left side quick launch.

Once we click on Project site, the page navigates to "Test 4" Project site as shown below.

Let’s perform our pagination activity on "Issues" SharePoint list which you can see in the left side quick launch.

Now, we can see that the pagination for the issues list has only 3 items, as shown below.

Our aim is to increase the pagination for this list from 3 to more. To do so, click on "List" ribbon.

Select "Modify View" from the above figure. The page navigates to Settings >> Edit View, as shown below.

Scroll down to this page and try to find item limit option.

Yes, we got it. Now, just change the number from 3 to 10  or so. Hence, the Pagination Increment is done.

Thanks for reading my article.

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