How To Kill Web Jobs In Azure


This article helps to guide you in  killing Web jobs in the Azure environment.

When Web jobs are executing for a very long time and if we want to kill the task, there is no option for the Application portal and even I found it difficult to kill the Web jobs. In many forums, I found the question frequently “How to Kill Web jobs”, but there is no clear answer in the forums as well. This article will guide you by giving a step by step process, which is very helpful for all Azure users.

I have created an infinite loop program and then deployed it in Azure Web jobs and tested here in this article.

Create an infinite loop execution code


Web jobs are executing for  a long time and here are the steps to kill the Web jobs in Azure.

Kudu is the tool in Azure to check Background process.


Deploy the infinite loop Web jobs in Azure portal.


Infinite Loop Web Job is executing,

Check the execution of the Web jobs, using the Web jobs portal [Kudu] option.

Kudu URL Format:
Sample URL:


Check the execution status in Web Jobs dashboard.

execution Status
Select the Process option.


Select Web Jobs, which is supposed to be killed [Properties].


Use Kill option, given below-

Kill Option

The killing of process is indicated by Red color.


The process got killed successfully.


Web Job – Failed:

The Web jobs were killed while executing, so the process failed.



Hope this article will be easy to understand, as it clearly shows the step by step process, which will help the beginners to keep track of the methods.

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