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Motivation is a short-term push and hence it is a pointed approach towards a goal. Everyone has a reason to seek motivation but the rarest of the rare can find a reason to stay motivated. There is a difference between  the two; while the first approach is to help in achieving a milestone or low hanging fruit, the latter one is about continuous efforts. 

As a coach, one needs to understand the difference between staying motivated and motivating others as a service. One can read books, blogs and attend training, but every bit of knowledge talks about delivering motivation as a service. 

The first question is, why is it necessary for a coach to stay motivated? 

Basically, it develops our experience - it means working on the long-term transformation rather than a tiny transition. We create our growth blueprint and then, set the milestones to be achieved. We create a list of resources, those required for each milestone to be achieved. We also need to keep a bit of elasticity in the planning phase to adjust unexpected outcomes as well.

That is the point where we often surrender to failure because we had no place for failure and learning while creating our growth blueprint. We generally think like machines, work on set theories, and expect the same results as other people have recorded in the history. But we tend to forget that every person is unique and so is their growth ecosystem. We must prepare ourselves for failures and only a strong person can adopt the failures to use them for further learning and re-planning.  

Case Study Start-Ups 

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Have you observed that the failure rate of start-ups is above 90 percent? The reason is similar as explained above - they didn't expect the "unexpected" results. They were not prepared for failures so that they could have reworked on their strategy and got it corrected in time. The funniest thing is that even those start-ups failed that were slated for enormous growth.

Reason: They didn't plan for the "unexpected" results.

Career Advice

So, coming back to the topic of becoming a coach, one has to understand the growth path first and create one's own growth blueprint with space for unexpected outcomes and elasticity to change the future course of the action plan.

Once we start observing these, we become more flexible and more open to every type of outcome from our efforts. Nothing on the planet can fail us, if failure is also a part of our growth blueprint. And, when we start keeping a log of these experiences, we evolve as a coach, having our own real stories to share with the audience. We become a far better mentor who not only works on the pointed approach of motivation but also takes a holistic approach towards the complete transformation of the pupil.

That is when we start selling ExaaS - Experience as a Service!

So, how do we stay motivated and what is the process? I will write about it in my next post. Until then, keep showing your love by sharing this post and leaving your comments and likes.

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