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  • Leadership Challenge 004 - The Happy Secret To Better Work!!!

    Hello my friends and Happy New Year!!! It has been a fun couple of months within Microsoft as a Customer Success Manager, driving adoption across MS solutions (Modern Workplace) within the organiza...
  • Leadership Challenge 003 - Focus On The WHY

    Hello my friends! It has been an exciting month for me as I have just taken a position within Microsoft. My role will be as a Customer Success Manager, driving adoption across MS solutions (Modern ...
  • Leadership Challenge 002 - What Is Your Coaching Fitbit

    Many people have embraced the "Fitbit" craze. The company has great marketing: “Fitbit tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep—to help you find ...
  • How To Motivate Others

    Motivation is a short-term push and hence it is a pointed approach towards a goal. Everyone has a reason to seek motivation, but rarest of rare would have a reason to stay motivated. There is a dif...
  • Leadership Challenge 001 - Positive Reinforcement

    I wanted to take a different approach for this leadership/coaching article. My goal is to get more participant involvement within the C# Corner community. I really enjoyed Mahesh Chand’s articl...
  • The Value Of Coaching And The Dangers Of Telling

    I have led many global training sessions on leadership and coaching. I typically start by asking, “what is coaching?”. The responses of most people gravitate towards an answer consisting of making ...
  • Welcome Lou Troilo Featured Columnist for Coaching and Leadership

    I am excited to welcome Lou Troilo to the C# Corner community. Lou will be our featured columnist for Coaching/Leadership/Employee Development.
  • What Is The Goal Of Your Leadership?

    There needs to be a focus on maximizing the performance of people developing creative solutions. Why are development projects late? Why do development projects succeed? The answer typically comes ...
  • C# Corner Welcomes Chris Love

    C# Corner welcomes Chris Love to the community.
  • C# Corner Welcomes Tim Yocum

    Team C# Corner is pleased and honored to welcome Tim Yocum to the community.
  • C# Corner Welcomes Tomas Herceg

    Tomas Herceg joins C# Corner portal as an expert author.
  • Ways To Create Effective Workforce Development Plans

    This blog talk about the ways to create workforce development plan in order to make new and existing employee successful.
  • Giving to receive

    An introduction, and hello!
  • Microsoft leadership changes to align with the vision and strategy

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent out an email to all Microsoft employees announcing changes in the leadership.
  • Ballmer to retire as Microsoft CEO

    Steve Ballmer to retire as Microsoft CEO
  • Congratulations Destin Joy On Completing 200 Articles

    C# Corner Congratulates Destin Joy on completing 200 articles on SharePoint.
  • Top 10 Career Advice by C# Corner Experts

    Top 10 Career Advice to improve our career and lives and what could be the better way than learning from experienced and experts.
  • Ajay Yadav Awarded C# Corner MVP

    Ajay Yadav has been awarded C# Corner MVP for maximum contribution in a single month.
  • Register for Microsoft Ignite Conference

    Register for Microsoft Ignite before 11 December for a discount.
  • Know Your MVP - Sachin Kalia

    This month we are featuring one of the top community contributors and MVP, Sachin Kalia.
  • The Key to the Golden Handcuffs

    The premise this book, "The Key to the Golden Handcuffs," is to inspire you to create a transparent, open-book company as a path to success. Part of that success is that employees are contributing ...
  • Congratulations Rahul Bansal for Completing 100 Articles

    C# Corner is highly cheering Rahul Bansal for his contribution of 100 quality articles to the C# Corner.
  • Congratulations Vijay Prativadi for Completing 400 Articles

    C# Corner is highly cheering Vijay Prativadi for his contribution of 400 quality articles to the C# Corner.
  • Congratulations Vithal Wadje for Completing 100 Articles on C# Corner

    C# Corner is highly cheering Vithal Wadje for his contribution of 100 quality articles to the C# Corner.
  • My journey with C# Corner

    This blog describes precious C# Corner memorable moments which always remain close to my heart.
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