Thanks to C# Corner for appointing Mumbai Chapter Lead

It's yet another special day in my life because of  C# Corner and its real honour for me as they appointed me as Mumbai Chapter lead.
Its real gift for my contribution and I am spending much more time on C# corner after office and during office because of this passion I have learned lots of things.
I will write another blog in detail regarding "Role of C# corner in my Career" but this time just I wants to thank my ideal person's because of them I got lots of success in my life.
  1. Mahesh Chand sir
  2. Dinesh Beniwal sir
  3. Praveen Kumar sir

Thanks for believing on me, and I promise will deliver to my maximum. Also like to thank all my tech gurus and C# corner friends.

My Special Note to those Who wants to Contribute  and specially to new author's
Always remind my following lines..
"Don't do any thing Just for earn,You will never learn.
Do something for learn ,You will earn what you wants"
I hope you will get great message from above my lines and I see the future rockstars of C# corner  in following Authors
  1. Jeetendra Gund sir
  2. Saineshwar Bageri sir
  3. Abhijit Patil sir
  4. Sumit Jolly sir
If anyone wants to connect with Mumbai chapter then please join Mumbai chapter from Chapter section of C# corner web site also don't forget to like C# Corner Facebook page and twitter account for more updates.