How to Oauth in core wth API

Do you ever wish you had a virtual scrap of paper you could use to write notes in the cloud? I’ll show you how to build a simple ASP.NET Core app to keep track of your notes, plus how to use .NET Core’s OAuth 2 authentication middleware to secure access to your app so your personal notes are kept private.

My Private Notes App

Your note-keeping app will be a simple of an ASP.NET app. You will just transform the home page into a list of recent notes. If you add more than three notes, the oldest note will be discarded to make room for the most recent note.

First, you’ll build your note keeping app without any security. After that, you’ll learn how to secure it with OAuth. To get started, please clone or download this starter project from GitHub.

Run the project to make sure it starts. You should see a Hello World message displayed and some other basic app scaffolding.

Start by replacing the contents of Controllers\HomeController.cs with the code below.

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