How To Upload UWP Project On App Center


App Center helps you build, test, deploy and monitor your iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS apps, all in one place with continuous integration, delivery, and monitoring.

Let's start.

Step 1


Step 2

After opening the site you will see screens, as shown below:

Click on Get started then you will see Create account page. If you already have a Microsoft account then click on 1,  otherwise register yourself and click on 2.

Step 3

After login you will see dashboard and then click on Add new organization; after that you will see the popup on the right side. Give the name of the organization and click on Add new organization. See below.

Step 4

After creating organization you will see the organization name on dashboard and click on Add new app.

Setp 5

After clicking on Add new app a popup will show. Then set the name of your application and select OS and select platform. After selection click on Add new app.

Step 6

After app creation it will show the app on dashboard then click on Distribute, now click on Distribute new release.

Step 7

After new release click on Release and Upload a build APPXBUNDLE File and click Next.

Step 8

In step 8 give the Release notes and click next it will show Distribute link then set the mail Id for invite people. After setting mail go on Review and click Distribute button.

After Distribution you will get a mail from App center then click on install. You will get your Application for downloading; after that click on Download button you will get a installation file and install in mobile as shown:


After installation you will see your application screen.

Thanks for reading.

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