How To Upload UWP Project On App📲 Center


App Center helps you build, test, deploy and monitor your iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS apps, all in one place with continuous integration, delivery, and monitoring.

Let's start.

Step 1


Step 2

After opening the site you will see screens, as shown below:

Click on Get started then you will see Create account page. If you already have a Microsoft account then click on 1,  otherwise register yourself and click on 2.

Step 3

After login you will see dashboard and then click on Add new organization; after that you will see the popup on the right side. Give the name of the organization and click on Add new organization. See below.

Step 4

After creating organization you will see the organization name on dashboard and click on Add new app.
After Distribution you will get a mail from App center then click on install. You will get your Application for downloading; after that click on Download button you will get a installation file and install in mobile as shown: 

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