How To Use Coding4Fun Toolkit For Windows 10 UWP App Development

Coding4Fun is a free open source user library which was used by Windows Phone developers. Now, the Coding4Fun Toolkit supports Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform applications too. It is primarily used for controls.

Let’s see the steps.

1. Create a new Windows 10 UWP App and install Coding4Fun Toolkit.

2. Right click your project and select "Manage NuGet Packages". Search for "Coding4Fun Toolkit" and install it like the following screen.



To add the components of the Coding4Fun Toolkit in the XAML page, add the below namespace definition to the XAML file.


The following Controls are available in Coding4Fun Toolkit.

  • Custom Button
  • Title Button
  • Round Toggle Button
  • Tile Button
  • Metro Flow
  • Chat Bubble
  • Progress Overlay
  • Color Pickers
  • Sliders
  • Super Image

We will see how to use these controls in our next article.

For Windows 10 UWP Community Toolkit, read my previous article at the given link.

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