Install Windows10 Subsytem For Linux

Windows system for Linux : We can run Linux inside Windows 10 OS without installing any Virtual box or Virtual PC.

Req. Operating System : Windows 10 anniversary update version 1607.

Steps to Install

  1. Press Windows Key + X , pop up menu will show -> click the Programs and Features.


  2. Click: Turn Windows features on or off.

  3. Select the Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta).


  4. It will prepare & apply the changes for the setup.

  5. Once the changes have been done, restart the PC.

  6. After PC has restarted and you log in, type Bash keyword in the Cortana search box & open the Bash Run command.

  7. Required conformation to install Bash.

    “Y” yes conform.

  8. Bash is downloading from Windows Store and it will Install.

  9. After complete installation, set the user name & password.

  10. Set the password.

  11. Installation is successfully done & close the setup (Window).

  12. Type Bash keyword in Cortana search box & open Bash on Ubuntu in Windows.

  13. Linux is ready.

    ex: Command to execute.