Integrating Twitter With SharePoint List Item Views Using PowerApps

In this article, you will learn about integrating Twitter in SharePoint online list item view forms, using Microsoft PowerApps. The app, developed in this article, will fetch and display the Twitter data on the item view form, based on the item content.
In my previous article, you can learn posting SharePoint list item content to Facebook, using PowerApps.
Navigate to here. Select connections on the left pane. Find and select “Twitter” and click on create icon.
Then, click on "Create" and provide the Twitter login credentials on the pop-up page to authorize the app. Once authorized, the pop-up will close automatically and the connections will be shown. You can add connections for other data sources as well, from here. 
The above snapshot shows the connections/data sources that can be used for our app.
Steps Involved 
Let us see how we can find, fetch, and display the Twitter content, based on the SharePoint list item data on the app.
Navigate to the list and create a new app by selecting the PowerApps menu. Then, provide the necessary information. In this example, I am selecting the app that is already created from the list views.
Click on "Edit" in PowerApps option to add custom components.

Select the display form screen (details screen).
From Content tab, select the data sources option. From the detail form properties on right hand side, under data sources, select "Add data source" option. Select the Twitter connection.
From "Insert" tab, select Gallery menu and then select vertical control under Text Gallery. Drag and place the control at appropriate place. 
On the right hand side at gallery properties section, provide the command on items text box to fetch the information from Twitter.
Twitter.SearchTweet(DataCard1.Default command retrieves the content from Twitter. The content, to be retrieved, needs to be based on the item title and so the title is passed as parameter. DataCard1 holds the list item information. Default parameter holds the item title.
The below snapshot shows the app details screen with necessary changes.
Navigate to the "Options" tab under gallery properties section. From custom content, select the appropriate data that needs to be displayed.
In our case, Tweet text, Tweeted by, and Tweeted time will be displayed.
Go to File and save the app. From the top, select the play button to test the app. Go to list and select any list item. The content related to the item will be fetched from Twitter and will be shown. The below snapshot shows all the tweets from Twitter with the keyword "nakkeerann".
Thus, you have learned retrieving the Twitter content to SharePoint list item view, based on the list item title, using Microsoft PowerApps. The steps are compatible only on SharePoint online site.

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