Jump Start With Azure Logic App - Part One

About Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps is Microsoft’s Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) offering available in a subscription model within Microsoft Azure. Integrate your apps with SaaS solutions, connect with on-premises applications, and automate your business processes. In simple terms, the Logic Apps automates the access and use of data across clouds without writing code. Also, it is a way to simply implement the scalable integrations and workflows via triggers and action. With the help of visual designer, it is very easy to integrate. It is a fully managed service allowing developers not to have to worry about building the hosting, scalability, availability, and management. Logic App is a part of App Service so it is easy to scale up when required.

Few Logic Apps terminology available below for understanding

Connectors - Logic apps need access to data and services. Connectors as created specially to aid you when you are connecting to and working with your data.

Workflow - It provides a graphical way to express your business as a series of steps or a workflow.

Triggers - A trigger starts a new instance of a workflow based on a specific event, like the arrival of an e-mail or a change in your Azure Storage account.

Actions - Each step after the trigger in a workflow is called an action. Each action typically maps to an operation on your managed connector or custom API apps.

Enterprise Integration Pack - BizTalk is Microsoft's industry leading integration platform. The Enterprise Integration Pack connectors allow you to easily include validation, transformation, and more in to your Logic App workflows.

Logic Apps Advantages,

  • Saving time by designing complex processes using easy to understand design tools.
  • Implementing patterns and workflows seamlessly , which would otherwise be difficult to implement in code.
  • Getting started quickly from templates.
  • Customizing your Logic App with your own custom APIs, code, and actions.
  • Connect and synchronise disparate systems across on-premises and the cloud
  • Build off of BizTalk server, API Management, Azure Functions, and Azure Service Bus with first-class integration support.

Pricing. Given below is the pricing of Azure Logic Apps. Consider Central US Region & US Dollar, the currency.


For more pricing of Azure Logic App, please refer to the below link.

Jump start with an example.

Step 1. Navigate to Azure Portal & login with Azure Credentials.

Step 2. Click on +New -> Web + Mobile -> Logic App

Logic App

Step 3. Enter Logic App Name, Subscription, Create New or Use Existing Resource Group and Location.

Logic App

Step 4. Choose Blank LogicApp.


Step 5. Search for “twitter” in “Show Microsoft managed APIs” & select “Twitter – When a new tweet is posted.”


Step 6. Sign in to Twitter. Connector option will appear. Click on Sign in & enter Twitter account credentials.

Sign in

Sign in

Step 7. Enter Search Text with # tag. Ex. #AzureLogicApps


Step 8. Click on +New step for further action & select “Add an action”.

New step

Step 9. Again, search for Outlook & choose “Outlook.com – Send an email”.


Step 10. Authorize with Outlook credentials.



Step 11. Enter the below details like,

  • To - Enter Receiver email id
  • Subject - New Tweet - #AzureLogicApps
  • Body - it will recognize all the Twitter options, such as “Tweet text”, “Username”, “Tweet by”, “Description”, etc.

Step 12. Click on Save button to save all Logic Apps settings.


Step 13. Click on “Run Trigger” & then “When a new tweet is posted”.

Run Trigger

Step 14. Open Twitter account in another tab or in different browser. Post any new tweet with #AzureLogicApps.

 twitter account

In history, you will find Status as Succeeded. It means, the new tweet is posted & Outlook email send option is performed.


Step 15. Open Outlook email & you will see one new email received with New Tweet - #AzureLogicApps.


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