KickStart To Microsoft Flow And Create A Flow From Template


This article will help you to make sense of Microsoft Flow and how to create a Flow enabled with Push Notifications from a template.

What is a Microsoft Flow?

You will have experienced a great examlpe of the Cloud on all the platforms such as booking a cab, transferring money, ordering food, ordering goods, sharing the data etc. and now Microsoft helps us to monitor all our Workflow withthe help of a great Cloud solution called “Microsoft Flow”.

Microsoft Flow helps you to combine two or more Services on the Cloud and make your work simple with the help of this. Microsoft gives you 35 and more connections, free of cost, including Services like SharePoint and OneDrive too with the public software Services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Let’s take a scenario of how Microsoft Flow can help us to understand in a simple manner:

I am running my own company and imagine I have a cost report for a project, which has to be submitted to my client. Let's make it like my personal assistant prepares the report and he mails me to my work account, which is very important!! Now, Flow will collect the data from my work mail account and it will connect it to any Service among the 35. Let's say Wunderlist app, and it will provide the message to me, that you have received an important mail from your PA, that this stuff is important.

Follow the below steps now to create a flow

Here, with the help of this demo, we will be creating a flow, where your mail account will be managed by Wunderlist app service for the importance of tasks to be done.

Note: Microsoft Flow is free of cost.

Step 1: Login to


Scroll down and move for the templates.


Step 2: Click Create a to-do item in Wunderlist for the important Emails.


This action allows you to add the important marked mail to the Wunderlist app Service.

Click Use this template.


Step 3: Enter your work mail account here. If you don’t have any account on Office 365, click Sign Up and create it (it’s free of cost).


Now, your flow account has been signed in.


Step 4: Since I am using my Office 365 account with another Service, it asks me to sign in again with the existing password.

Let's click Sign in now to sign in again for the Flow.

sign in

sign in

Step 5: Click OK.

OK, got it

Step 6: Sign in to your Office 365 account now by clicking Sign in.

Sign in

Sign in

Step 7: As soon as your Office 365 Outlook account is signed in, click Sign in button of Wunderlist.

Office 365 Outlook account

Step 8: Here, sign in with your Microsoft account.

Sign in

Step 9: Click Yes to provide authentication for the app connectivity.


Step 10: Click Authorize to allow Microsoft PowerApps to access your Wunderlist account.


Step 11: Click Continue now.


Step 12: Select Inbox for your List ID.


You can select the title for which it has to be filtered. Let's select “importance” here.


Click Next step. As soon as its done, click Add an action, followed by it.

Add an action

Step 13: Click Create Flow now with the Flow name, which you require.

Create Flow

Click Done to exit from this flow now.

exit from this flow

Now, your flow has been done.


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