Learn About SharePoint Interface

In this article, I will discuss the SharePoint 2016 interface. Here, we will discuss the below interfaces -

  • Ribbon
  • Quick Launch
  • Top Link Bar
  • Personal Menu 

So, let’s get started.


Ribbon is a panel that contains functional groupings of buttons and drop-down lists organized in tabs. Each application in the Office Suite has a different set of tabs (with some tabs in common) that pertain to the functionality of that particular application. Each tab is further divided up into groups (of buttons), such as the Edit and Manage groups. The figure below shows the Ribbon as it looks when you are on your Homepage.


When you first access a page, library, etc., you are positioned on the Browse tab which provides an overall view of the page or the list items. You can then, click on one of the other tabs you are given to work with the page, such as Page on the Homepage. The Page tab provides tools to add content and format the Homepage.

Please refer to the below image.

Quick Launch

The Quick Launch menu is displayed on the left side of most SharePoint pages. It displays links to pages, libraries, and other various content on your site. You can customize Quick Launch by adding, removing, or re-ordering the links to suit your needs. Please refer to the below image.

Top Link Bar

The Top Link Bar contains links to your site Homepage and allows access to other sites and subsites as configured by those in your organization with full control or design permissions. Please refer to the below image.


Personal Menu

The Personal Menu is located at the top right corner of the screen. It is used to configure your settings (if the My Site feature is enabled by your administrator), activate the personalize page feature for various site content, display the shared View, and sign out of SharePoint.


To sign out of SharePoint 2016 -

  1. Click the profile icon in the Personal menu at the top right of the screen. This menu is indicated by your system ID.
  2. Click "Sign Out".


So, these are all the interfaces we have seen above. If you need any further clarification, reply in the comment box of this article.

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