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In the C-SharpCorner 2017 Annual Conference, Speaker Mr. David McCarter gave some important tips on how to rock your technical interview. Below are some of the points which need to be noted down.

Image Source : Annual Conference of C-SharpCorner 2017

Job Boards - LinkedIn, Monster etc.

There are many sites,where you will get different job opportunities. Thus, register yourself for each and every site with an updated resume.

Job Searches - Link Up Social Media Sites

Always link your profile to social media like Linked-In, Twitter etc., which are the professional sites. On these Websites, you can follow your favorite recruiter to get notices about the newest and latest job openings.

Clean Up Your Online Presence - Vanity Search

Show your presence through different online portals like C-SharpCorner and LinkedIn so the recruiter can get your profile details and you will get increased chances for an interview /selection. Also, you will be identified by your own name and not by the company name. 

Constantly Evolve - Conference, classes etc.
  • Though you have a good knowledge; you have to attend conference, classes and events conducted by the companies, local user groups, meet ups etc. so you will be connected with big networks. 
  • If you want to be a successful engineer, then you have to be constantly learning. 
  • There are so many sites for an online learning, which are absolutely free, so please use these sites for learning purposes.
Who Is looking for a new job?
  • Before you start searching for a new job, you have to make a professional email id. 
  • On social sites, upload your neat and clean picture.
  • To find a your dream job: get notices from 1) Recruiters 2) Your own Networks - Friends 3) Linked In 4) Company Web sites
Resume - Always keep up to date, use recruiter to edit
  • This will minimize typing mistakes; will increase the chances while being shortlisted only from the resume. 
  • Make sure that your resume is not more than three pages.
  • Search for multiple good recruiters and not just one.
Study Technical Questions - Basic Questions, Rehearse Difficult Questions, White Board, Write Down Missed Questions
  • Every time while going for any interview be prepared with basic questions, research some difficult questions with the answers prior to it.
  • After coming back from an interview, write down the missed questions.
Interview preparation

  • Wear proper formal dress code.
  • Prepare with the interview questions.
  • Dress appropriately. Be on time. Arriving 30 minutes early is good.
  • Take two forms of maps: Because sometimes you will get traffic on any road; you have to know another road. Also, sometimes if you have taken a photograph into mobile and unfortunately the battery of your mobile gets discharged, in these cases, you have to carry a print out of the maps with the detailed address.
  • Don't come empty handed: Carry multiple resume copies. 
  • No. of copies (resume) of the interviewers + 1 (for you).
  • Bring your code projects.
  • Work on the code projects at home.
In an interview
  • Make sure that you are happy. It shows that you are interested.
  • If you don’t know the answer, then just say “I don’t know”, do not tell any wrong answer.
  • Always put a copy of your resume in front of you.
Do you have the skills required,

What is your "Spock" mind? 

On your journey through life, make sure your biography has at least one extraordinary chapter.
"Do you like working here?" Ask questions of the interviewer. 

After completion of an interview

Don't forget to
  • Thank the interviewer
  • Call recruiter – For feedback of your interview.
  • Follow-up via email, Linked In etc.
Ask questions
  • This is a game changer.
  • Ask for the next step.
  • Know the why? – You have to know the answers to all the questions; i.e., why?
  • Know how it works – For each question, you have to know, how it works 
  • Separate the professional: 
  • Ask for tea, coffee or a soda – Always ask for tea, coffee etc. don’t feel shy. 
Show willingness to learn
  • Always show you are interested to learn new technologies.
  • Are you teachable? – Express that you can teach  your colleagues/ juniors. You are ready to resolve problems as well. 
  • How do you keep up with technology? – Show you are up to date with the technology by reading different Websites, portals, news etc.
  • Nobody knows everything – Though nobody is perfect, you have to show you can take the responsibilities and you will do it.

#CSharpCon17- Thanks for the wonderful and amazing session by Mr. David McCarter. 


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