SharePoint Server Managed Metadata Based Navigation

In this article, let us see the systematic procedure to configure Managed Metadata based Navigation SharePoint 2013 and 2016.


Today we will learn about SharePoint managed metadata navigation including descriptions and a demo with site collections and applying the same gradually with screen shots.

This will apply to SharePoint 2010 (As managed metadata is introduced with this version), 2013 and 2016.

In my last article, I discussed an overview of managed metadata service in SharePoint where I described most of terminally used for managed metadata service; Managed Metadata Navigation powers the navigation structure and automatically generates and change the pages based on the taxonomy hierarchy. We can create and maintain the navigation for all sites in our farm.

In this section, I will be working on the below points and describe them  with demos

  • Creating New term store Group

  • Creating new Term set

  • Creating new term

  • Adding term store administrator

  • Creating new publishing site and applying metadata navigation

  • Adding Navigation to top on the page

Therefore, let us start one by one with the points from above and I will perform demos.

Create New term store Group

  • To create new term store Group, Open SharePoint central admin and select application services option from manage service application.

  • On this page, select Managed Metadata service and open it or we can select defined service and select manage from the ribbon page.

  • Now select the taxonomy page, open as new term store Management tool and right click on the same, it will show how to create a new Group.

  • Clicking on new group will prompt you to enter the name, so assign any identical and structured name, description and group Manager then you can enter contributor name. Later click on save option to save the same settings.

Creating new Term set

  • Now we need to create New term set, to create it, right click on created Group and select the name  -- see below

  • On the create new term set name, we will get the below option

Creating new term: To create new term, right click on every sequential terms and term set and create the same, it will reflect next to the term or term set page as child.

  • Following the same method, create a hierarchal structure to use as navigation page

How to add term store administrator or Group Manager

  • To add Group Manager, click on created group and we can see the right side group manager option will be available, just enter domain name and user name and click on verified button and click on save.

  • To add Term store administrator or contributor follow the same method. Open created term set, enter user name, and save.

Create new publishing site and apply metadata navigation

  • Moving on, as we know how to create site collection from available template on SharePoint, if you are not aware from creating site collection, below are the steps to create site collection in the easiest way.

  • Open SharePoint admin page, select Application management from the  left side quick navigation and click on create site collection from site collections group , see below screen shot,

  • Once you've clicked on create site collection, we will get a wizard to create new site collection, here we need to select Web Application if it exists elsewhere than in your farm, next select title and description, web site address, template selection, language, and select template from available. Here I am going with Publishing template and selecting publishing portal

  • Now scroll down, select the primary site collection administrator and secondary site collection administrator. Select the quota and click on ok. See below screen shot,

  • Wait for some time until web site collection site is being created; now we are finished with creating site collection.

  • Here see the page and style we have created. Here we need to add managed metadata navigation layout.

  • Now Click on the Settings link and Go To “Site Settings” link

  • Click on the “Navigation” link from the “Look and Feel” section

  • Check the Navigation Settings available for the Global Navigation be default:

  • Change the Global Navigation and Current Navigation to “Managed Navigation” instead of “Structured Navigation” See below screen shots:

  • Here we need to select radio box of Managed Metadata navigation from global navigation section and select the same from current navigation

  • Down scroll the page, we will get an option called, Manage navigation term set. As we showed you above, select your desired term set which we have created under the managed metadata service

  • In addition, we need to select managed navigation default page settings, select check box. It will take effect on adding new page and creating friendly URL for new page automatically.

  • The next option which is available is called show ribbon and hide ribbon command, if wish to show it in the ribbon page select yes or leave as default and click ok.

  • Now Navigate to Home Page of site collection where you have configured the same and observe the changes in Navigations, both Global and current, you should be able to see the Zone as Navigational nodes.

  • Above navigation is called global and the  left side is called current navigation. See the result above.

  • Edit the Master Page and Allow Current Navigations for more than 2 levels so that we can View zone from one to other in Current Navigation

Result will be shown as below


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