Stored Procedure In MySQL


In MySQL, a stored procedure is a methodology to encapsulate repetitive tasks.A stored procedure that calls itself is known as a Recursive stored procedure. The database can grant suitable permissions to applications that access stored procedures in the database without giving any permission on the basic database tables. A stored procedure can be also invoked by triggers.


Advantages of Stored Procedure:

  • Once created stored procedures are compiled and they can be stored in the database.
  • It is secure to use stored procedures.
  • Stored procedures are reusable and transparent to any applications.
  • stored procedures help an increasing the performance of the applications.

Steps to create a Stored Procedure:

I have an existing table with table name : “Tech”, as seen in below image. 

Now I am creating a Stored Procedure using SELECT statement with name : “ tech_proc”. 

How to call an existing Stored Procedure:

Query: call tech_proc(5);


How to create a Stored Procedure using INSERT statement:

Example: Follow the below image with Insert Statement in Stored Procedure named “tech_procedure”. 

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