Understand About Cloud Before Stepping On To Any Cloud Service Providers

I will be writing a series of articles on Amazon Web Service and on Azure Cloud. But, before that let's learn with the help of this article why we should move towards Cloud.

What was the need to move to the Cloud?

Before moving to the cloud, we were facing many issues surrounding three factors.

  • Number of Servers.
  • Peak time in traffic.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the Servers.

As a client who has hosted the application in the server, we should manage all three factors.

Number of Servers

We should buy a number of servers based on the usage of applications to be hosted for our client. Depending upon the usage, we should buy more servers; but buying a server is not so easy because that is a very costly process in terms of money, time, and workforce. Even after buying it, we should setup the server for usage.

Peak time in traffic

When the traffic gets high, we should increase the number of servers, hence, increase the amount of investment. And even after buying the servers, we should set it up for troubleshooting problems, which will be tedious and may conflict with the business goals. 

Monitor and maintain the Servers

After buying all the servers, we need to maintain them even when the traffic is varying. The servers remain idle most of the times and should be monitored by a system admin. Even after buying the servers, we would use them only at the time of peak traffic, for the remaining time, the servers would be idle again, and the investment seems to be useless. 

Apart from all these three factors, we had a major issue of Security. To overcome all these things, we came up with Cloud Computing which helps us in all the ways to make applications available at all times.

Key factors of Cloud Computing

  • We can just put data on the cloud and have no need to worry about the expense involved in it as we are going to just pay for what we are going to use.

  • Scalability, the capacity of the server, can be raised up according to the traffic and can be scaled down when the usage is less. We have no need to worry about the traffic towards the server because this will be taken care by the activity log that can pass alerts when the CPU usage is high.

  • Monitoring and maintaining the application will be taken care of by the Cloud Service providers. The Cloud Service Provider ( like Azure or Amazon Web Service ) handles the server’s management. So again, we have no need to worry about infrastructure for the servers.

I hope, you have a clear idea now why we use Cloud Services. My next write-up will be about Amazon Web Services!!