Understand the Basics To Build Games In Unity Framework

Look at my previous article to know more about Unity framework and to install it.

Let's move to the menu options now.


The project is under the File menu of  Unity software which we will be using to build games. This project can be commonly referred to, even as simple as a solution file, where it is present inside the File menu of the screen. This holds various options like New Project, Open Project, Save Project, or Save as Project. Project is actually a folder in a structure, or even as simple as a database, that defines all the objects that are in connection.

Whenever we create a new project, Unity is here to create a folder on your document side and it will create several files under the name of the project that you are going to create. The two important parts of the project are Assets and Library. You can find them if you open the project using File Explorer.

Library holds the connectivity between each and every object of the project. The entire game is now based on keeping the library to be protected safe, so just make sure that you do not touch the library in any case. And all the other things you should work on are only in Assets folder or in Scenes.


Scenes can be said to be different parts of the game that we are going to develop. If you have a screen in which you want to show options, like beginner level, easy or hard, menu for bikes, car, color, etc., and all these things can be merged into one single screen, the structure is called scenes, in the developer world. From here, you can load to other scenes or any other level within the game. All these scenes will be available in a file structure ending with .unity.


Now, Assets will allow us to create a new folder, work with C#, JavaScript, Shader, testing options, scene, prefab, audio mixer, material, lens flare, render texture, lightmap parameters, sprites, Animation Controller, create an animation, physical materials and physic materials of 2D, Avatar creation, etc.

You can notice here that whenever you create a new animation or new material, it will be automatically updated in the file explorer of your project on your hard drive.

I have created new material here and you can find that at the Unity screen below.

You can also find the same in the file explorer pane of your project in Assets.

Gameobjects and Components

Gameobjects and Components are another important part of Unity to build games. Gameobject is simple, as it defines what the objects have to do, with the help of Components. Remember Gameobjects are entirely zero without Components; however, Assets just holds the material or whatever it may provide, while Gameobject is the exact module in which the work of the object is declared.

Gameobject helps you create 2D and 3D Objects, control light, audio, and User Interface, etc. whereas Components allow you to add effects for the object, etc. (install Unity and check the options to gain a deep knowledge about these).

Topics discussed (in short)
  • About Project.
  • About Material.
  • About Assets.
  • About Scenes.
  • About Gameobjects.
  • About Components.

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