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  • Shooting Game Using Construct 28/9/2017 5:22:01 AM. Construct 2 is an HTML5 based 2D game editor developed by Scirra. Construct 2 is a powerful game creator specifically designed for 2D games.
  • Construct Simple Game Using Construct 26/9/2017 12:59:38 PM. Simple Game Construct Using Construct-2.
  • Add Timer With Construct - 24/21/2017 11:24:50 AM. This article explains about adding Timer with Construct-2.
  • Install and Setup Unity12/12/2016 4:36:40 AM. In this article, you will learn a how to install and setup Unity, a tool for game developers.
  • Understand the Basics To Build Games In Unity Framework12/12/2016 3:44:00 AM. This article is all about understanding very basic menus that are available in the Unity framework to build games.
  • Game Development - Platforms11/22/2016 2:33:32 PM. In this article, you will learn about game development platforms
  • Game Development - An Introduction11/22/2016 2:25:20 PM. This article is all about answering common questions, which need to be addressed before jumping into the starry domain of game development.
  • Deploying A Universal Application In XBOX Console7/20/2016 12:56:19 AM. This article will teach you how to deploy universal Windows Application to XBOX or XBOX One.
  • Let's Start The Game With Construct 26/24/2016 2:09:35 PM. In this article, you will learn about the Construct 2 game engine and kick start the development.
  • Building Windows Store Games With Construct 26/2/2015 11:59:10 AM. In this article you will learn how to Build Windows Store Games with Construct 2.
  • Creating Tic Tac Toe - Step by Step9/9/2013 11:14:42 PM. Creating Tic Tac Toe using C#( Windows Form Application) for Beginners Step by Step:
  • Dots Game10/3/2012 11:06:25 AM. Here is a dots game developed using C# and GDI+. New version of the game will be coming soon.
  • Brick Out in C#1/31/2007 4:14:43 AM. Way back, I'd say about 1981 (ok maybe not so far back!), there was a game for the Apple II called Brick Out.
  • Creating Word Find Pzzules in C# and GDI+9/1/2006 6:16:12 AM. In the past I have been guilty of trying a few of word find puzzles myself, so I figured why not give it a go it .NET. The Word Find creator reads a MSDE database of Words and Categories.
  • Mastermind Game in C#2/2/2006 6:22:29 AM. This is the game of Mastermind written in C#. The game is played by clicking on a set of 4 colors and then hitting the score button. Colors can repeat themselves in this game, so be wary!
  • Sudoku generating and solving using C# in PocketPC SDK1/30/2006 5:54:54 AM. The article is about a program writen in C# to create a simple game application - sudoku. The game can generate several diffculty level sudokus with one solution, solve previously entered puzzles etc.
  • Sudoku generating and solving using C# in PocketPC SDK1/30/2006 5:54:54 AM. The article is about a program writen in C# to create a simple game application - sudoku. The game can generate several diffculty level sudokus with one solution, solve previously entered puzzles etc.
  • BlackJack12/26/2005 12:30:30 AM. So as a learning experience, I decided to try writing a Blackjack game.
  • Puzzle Control12/26/2005 12:27:40 AM. In this application I had combined the power of C# and AI in order to solve the "puzzle problem".
  • Maze Solver 12/26/2005 12:15:44 AM. Solving mazes is one of those problems, at least with the algorithm I've chosen here.
  • FreeCell Game using Windows Forms12/26/2005 12:07:38 AM. FreeCell is an implementation of the FreeCell card game using Windows Forms.
  • Daleks in .NET12/25/2005 11:53:05 PM. The other night my girlfriend dragged me down to the NYC Public Library claiming that they had a huge Science Fiction movie section. Admittedly my taste in movies and my wife's taste in movies can vary slightly, however, I was willing to take a chance, given that rentals at the library are free as opposed to $4 at the local video store.
  • Project Trilma .NET12/25/2005 11:43:14 PM. In 1883 George H. Monks from Boston designed Halma, an interesting board game with simple rules.
  • Missile Command .NET 12/25/2005 11:35:44 PM. Missile Command .NET is a simple video game written in C# using GDI+ for graphics. It's a tribute to the classic Missile Command game by Atari. I wrote this game to teach myself more about programming in C#.
  • C# Video Poker12/25/2005 11:15:32 PM. This Video Poker game is an imitation of a casino Video Poker machine. It is written using Windows Forms.
  • Lingo Game in C#12/25/2005 11:07:49 PM. It is a Lingo game developed in C#. It is based upon Game Show Network's Lingo but has a few modifications to it.
  • Kovan's Tic-Tac-Toe12/24/2005 7:12:59 AM. This is a tic-tac-toe game written in VB.NET and GDI+.
  • A Chess Program using C#12/24/2005 7:03:14 AM. This is a chess program, made using C#. It has used object oriented concepts and design patterns like Flyweight, Factory and Decorator. Two player can play this game and it has facility to drag-drop pieces. It also shows potential positions of each pieces which is useful for learning.
  • ClickMania Game12/24/2005 6:50:36 AM. This is an old game, first implemented in 1996 or so... It has a great addictive power. You will quickly find out the rules. I used the winmm.dll library for playing sounds, the picturebox.Paint event to draw bitmaps in a Picturebox and a recursive function to check the balls next to each other for the colors.
  • Network Trilma Game in C#12/24/2005 6:32:53 AM. The game has been developed as stand alone using C#, each player has ten checkers which are initially placed in the corners of the board and the aim of the game is to place all checkers in the opposite corner of the board.
  • Sokoban Pro Game in C#12/24/2005 6:20:33 AM. Sokoban Pro is a modern version of the classic Sokoban puzzle game. The game rules are extremely simple, yet the game is very challenging and addictive. The rule of the game is to move all the boxes in the right places. You can only push a box, not pull.
  • SharpChess in C#12/24/2005 6:01:23 AM. SharpChess ( is a computer application that enables you to play chess against the computer. It plays a challenging, tactical and, I'm told, "fun" game of chess.
  • C# ICE-Cast MP3 Streaming for WinAmp12/24/2005 5:37:10 AM. This little Web Application is for streaming MP3 files out to an WinAmp ( interface.
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