Install and Setup Unity


This article will help you develop skills in the Unity platform. And, this is entirely for people who are at the beginner stage.

What is Unity?

Unity is a development stream for Game development, that allows you to develop super interesting games and helps make your idea real with 3D effects.

Unity allows us to develop games and gaming apps which can work on mobile environment too.

We can use Unity for development in Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Unity allows us to configure when working with personal development, professional development, etc.

Three things to keep in mind before you hop in -

  1. Idea Make your idea clear and work hard so that you realize your idea to develop this game.
  2. Scope Make sense of the scope; i.e., who is the audience that you are trying to reach
  3. Coding Never worry about coding or feel that coding will be complicated in any case.


  1. Unity software  - Click here to get Unity.

Installation and configuration

Start installing the Unity software that you downloaded from the above link. Once the installation is completed, you will be moved to the configuration for the first usage.

The first screen after installation will ask you to sign in with your Unity account.

If you don’t have a Unity account, you can always sign up for one, with the help of this link.

Click on "Create account" at this page.

Select if your account is Unity plus/pro or personal,

  • Unity plus/pro - this is for business purposes and for development work. Remember, this is also a paid one.
  • Unity personal - this is a personal account for CSE study purposes.

Select your license agreement terms and conditions which can match your mode of work.

Move across your configuration for the following roles,

  • Country you are located in
  • For what capacity of work you primarily use Unity
  • Your primary role
  • Rate your Unity skills
  • Platform of interest
  • Primary plan to develop with Unity

Click on OK in the above screen, after your Survey is completed.

Now, your Unity is configured and ready to work for the development of Games.

Click on "Start Using Unity" to work on it.

Above is the home screen of Unity for development.

Keep looking for my next articles to start development with Unity.

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