Understanding Bing Search API In Azure

This article will cover the following.

  • Brief Concepts and Prerequisites
  • Implementation – Create a new Bing Search API
  • Implementation – Access the Bing Search API

Bing Search API

The Bing Search API adds intelligent search to your app, combing hundreds of billions of web pages, images, videos, and news to provide you the relevant results with no ad requirements. The results can be automatically customized to your users' locations or markets, increasing relevancy by staying local.

Responses from the Bing Search API rank page results, including news, dictionary, computation, and time. Safe search levels are customizable for your users, keeping them from adult content if required. Finally, the API returns spelling suggestions for misspelled queries, and lists of related searches.

Bring the power of Bing Search to your app today.


Read the following article to create an Azure account and for some basic information about Azure to get started.

Implementation – Create a new Bing Search API

  • Open the Azure portal and click on Add. Choose category “AI + Cognitive Services” and then, select an option of “Bing Search API”.
  • Fill in the details and create a new resource-group followed by a click on “Create”.
  • Go to “All resources” section and see the newly created “Bing Search API” named as “bing -search-api-10-10”.
  • Open the particular Bing Search API there and see the different options available.
Implementation – Access the Bing Search API
  • In the opened section of the Bing Search API, click on the “Quick start" option.
  • Click “Grab Keys” and copy and paste the “KEY-1” into the Notepad file from here.
  • Then, go to “Make an API call” and click on the Bing Web Search API reference.
  • Then, copy the “End Point URL” and append the ‘q’ parameter with a value of “search string”. Then, copy and paste it into the Postman.
  • Put the Content-type and Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key’s value into the headers.
  • Click on Send and see the response with the following details.

Happy Learning!

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