Unveiling the Elegance and Efficiency of Minimal APIs

What are Minimal APIs?

Minimal APIs are a programming approach that focuses on simplicity, conciseness, and efficiency when creating application programming interfaces (APIs). This methodology aims to streamline the API design and implementation process by minimizing unnecessary code, reducing complexity, and prioritizing the API's core functionalities.

Minimal APIs are often associated with frameworks and tools that enable developers to create APIs with minimal configuration and boilerplate code. These frameworks provide a more straightforward and intuitive way to define endpoints, routes, and actions, allowing developers to concentrate on the essential aspects of their APIs without being burdened by repetitive or redundant code.

Using Minimal APIs in .NET 6 Or Higher offers an alternative approach to building APIs. The main advantage is that it provides a lightweight foundation compared to MVC. This can often lead to improved performance in various scenarios.

Example of the Minimal APIs

Let`s Take an example of the Minimal APIs.

To Create a simple Minimal API that displays “Hello world!”, you need to define your API in .Net core 6 or higher project with MapGet if the method Get verb, I`m using .Net core 7 in the following example.

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